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Who is Cultivando?

Cultivando is an organization that serves the Latino community in Adams County and focuses on community leadership to advance health equity through advocacy, collaboration, and policy change.

Our work is based on our organizational values of community-led work, social justice, and collaborative leadership. We firmly believe that all people have the power to maintain fair and equitable systems and to ensure opportunities for their communities to thrive.


Cultivando and other partners work to increase opportunities for our community members to have access to resources and information that will enable them to exercise their leadership. This collaboration analyzes policies and reinforces relationships of trust that can advance health equity.


Cultivando Leadership programs provide culturally relevant training to build equity, inclusion, healing, and collective solutions to self-identified community problems, focusing on capacity building and voice support for community leaders to create sustainable change.


We train and support the most impacted community members to have a place at the table where decisions are made. We work with local jurisdictions and elected officials by opening space and welcoming and including community members in policy development and civic participation.

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