Abriendo Puertas Training

Abriendo Puertas is an evidence-based curriculum developed by and for Latino parents of young children. It is a 10-week course that promotes school readiness, family well-being, and advocacy by addressing best practices in brain development, key aspects of early childhood development (cognitive, language, physical, and social/emotional), early literacy, numeracy, bilingualism, health, attendance, civic engagement, parent leadership, goal setting, and planning for family success. 

In 2016, with funding from the Colorado Health Foundation, Cultivando worked with the national nonprofit Abriendo Puertas to hold a train-the-trainer course in Commerce City, CO and certified 20 local community members as AP facilitators. Cultivando holds regular, on-going trainings in Adams County and the Denver region to train an support Spanish-speaking unlicensed childcare providers (often called Family, Friends and Neighbor (FFN) childcare providers) and parents in the Abriendo Puertas curriculum, bringing needed resources to children and families who often don't have access to structured/licensed preschool. 

Educational and health disparities are pronounced in our communities, and we believe that parents, families, and FFN are a critical assets in preparing all children for kindergarten. Families want and deserve resources and access to educational opportunities in our community, and our communities are better, stronger, healthier, and more equitable when we work to make sure that resources reach the kids who need them most.