The 2020 Census is happening now!

It's Quick and Easy

The 2020 Census takes just a few moments to complete.

It's Not Too Late

You can still complete the census today.

It's Safe and Secure

The U.S. Census Bureau keeps your answers safe and confidential.

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Your Community

Improving your community starts with the #2020Census. Your responses inform how billions of dollars in public funding flow into communities. Your responses will also tell how diverse communities are across America. Respond today at

IT's Safe And Secure

For the United States Census, privacy is very important. Your responses to the census form are protected by law, and your personal information cannot be shared with absolutely anyone. Participating in the census is important so that we all do better. You can now fill it out online, by phone or send the form by mail. As it is easier for you and as you feel more comfortable, but do it today. In the census we all count. Fill out the online census today at

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The 2020 Census is underway. Keep tabs on how many households in your community have responded with this map of self-response rates from across the country. Start here.