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Cultivando Early Education Programs

Pieces of training by Latino experts using a popular education approach that reinforces pride, cultural and linguistic strength to build leadership and knowledge skills to increase family health and academic outcomes. Likewise, support parents and/or caregivers of children to develop skills around healthy eating habits, physical activity, early literacy, bilingualism, and school readiness.

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Monthly virtual workshops for personal and professional development for FFN’s facilitated by invited speakers and Promoters. Academia FFN will continue to provide monthly professional development workshops focused on child development, positive discipline strategies, identification of special needs, cultural preservation, and bilingualism.


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Cultiva Tu

Cultiva Tu Salud is a bilingual Spanish training program developed by Cultivandos own Promortora. The training is centered on teaching culturally relevant health forms of living. Sign up today and join a truly fantastic group of individuals from your community.


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Visitas En

Home Visits - a curriculum where they will be provided with tools on how to create a healthy and active environment at home, offering quality childcare. 

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