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Maria Zubiate


Professional Experience: Professionally, I am proud when we help and work with organizations that have priority in the community and provide their services for which they are specialized. It makes me feel that more of us want to improve the emotional relationships of a future healthy community.

Why did I choose to work at Cultivando: For me it is a great blessing to be part of the Cultivando group since the values of the organization make it more of a joy and not a commitment to serve others from the heart.

Hidden Talent: A talent that I have is being able to brighten people's lives in difficult times through listening and the tools of music and dance.

What I like to do when I am not working: I enjoy spending time with my with my children, family, parents, closest friends, as well as my religious community as they help me keep this holistic part of my life in top condition. This allows me to give more to those who need me.

Maria Zubiate
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