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2023 Lena Archuleta Community Service Award: Olga Gonzalez

2023 Lena Archuleta Community Service Award: Olga Gonzalez

Each year, Denver Public Library celebrates the contributions of Latinos with the Latino Community Service Awards. Awards are given to individuals who have made contributions to our community and are celebrated during a public ceremony during Hispanic Heritage Month. The celebration is a lively event with entertainment and a community reception.

Olga Gonzalez’s impactful work on education and community development demonstrates her exceptional dedication to empowering her community. Gonzalez’s initiatives have been instrumental in breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for diverse individuals to thrive.

With over 30 years of experience in social justice, Gonzalez serves as the Executive Director of Cultivando, a Latino-serving organization. As the first Indigenous woman to lead the organization, she has expanded its reach and budget, establishing impactful programs like air monitoring and environmental justice initiatives. She also operates O.G. Consulting Services, offering equity facilitation and coaching to businesses and nonprofits. Gonzalez has been honored with numerous accolades, including the Mayor's Award for Outstanding Denver Citizen and recognition for promoting health equity. She holds dual Bachelor's Degrees and a Master's Degree.

Gonzalez's transformative leadership, visionary approach, and commitment to community service make her an exemplary Latino leader. Her distinguished background and her work's impact on education, family support, and social justice showcase her dedication to fostering positive change. She inspires and empowers many within the Denver community.

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