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Our programs are rooted in the belief that those impacted by the issues lead the best community nonprofit work. The best programs and policies are developed with community members at the table and meaningfully engaged. We work collaboratively to build health equity, and community capacity for positive policy and systems change. 

Early Education

Educación Temprana

Apoyo a la educación temprana para miembros de la comunidad Latinx.

Early Education

Early Education Support for Latinx community members.

Covid 19 Latinx Outreach

Covid 19 Alcance Latinx

Apoyando a nuestra comunidad a través de la crisis de COVID-19

Covid 19 Latinx Outreach

Proudly Our Community Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Promotor Model

Modelo Del Promotor

Miembros de la comunidad Latinx que trabajan para brindar recursos, defensa y servicios necesarios.

Promotor Model

Latinx community members who work to bring resources, advocacy, and needed services. 

Emotional Health

Salud Emocional

Enseña a nuestra comunidad Latinx sobre salud emocional.

Emotional Health

Teach our Latinx Community about Emotional Health

Environmental Justice

Justicia Ambiental

Proyecto de investigación basado en la comunidad de Colorado destinado a generar conciencia, educación, unidad y acción en torno a la mala calidad del aire en las comunidades.

Environmental Justice

Colorado community-based research project aimed to bring awareness, education, unity, and action around poor air quality.

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TED Talk - Olga González - How nonprofits fail communities of color – and what to do instead

Olga González believes nonprofits often underestimate the communities they serve. They swoop in, she says, with outside resources and money but ignore the assets these communities already possess. That's why she endorses the promotora model, where a nonprofit trains people from the community they serve to provide outreach, advocacy, and services. Here, González shares several success stories of promotoras in action – from distributing masks & vaccines to farmworkers during the COVID-19 pandemic to monitoring air pollution near a local oil refinery.



If you are a resident of Commerce City, Globeville, or Elyria-Swansea, you are eligible to have an air monitor at your home. If you decide to have an air monitor, you will be compensated. You will also learn about the monitors, how they work, and how to maintain them!

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AIRE Student Internship / Pasantía Estudiantil AIRE

​The AIRE Student Internship is a two month long program that engages students in environmental justice while gaining a deeper appreciation for our planet.

La pasantía estudiantil AIRE es un programa de dos meses de duración que involucra a los estudiantes en la justicia ambiental mientras obtienen una apreciación más profunda de nuestro planeta.

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