The Promotora Model


The Promotora Model is built on the understanding that in order to meaningfully increase health equity in our communities, community leaders of color must be at the table and involved in identifying the barriers and creating the solutions. Promotoras are skilled and respected Latino community members who work within their community to bring resources, advocacy and needed services, who can and should play a key role in community decision making. Anyone who wants to work collaboratively, serve their community, and create positive change can be a Promotora-- the Model has been used around the world for hundreds of years. Promotoras share a desire to serve their community and improve access and conditions so that their children, and all children, may lead healthier and more just lives. Living in the communities where they work, cultivating meaningful and respectful relationships, Promotoras are powerful advocates for individual and community change. Far more than simply translating and sharing information, they have the capacity to influence policies around critical issues facing their communities. The role of the Promotora extends far beyond health care, to a passion for social, economic, health and educational equity and social justice.

Cultivando works to train and support Promotoras and to grow a collaborative model and the collective advocacy of Promotoras around the state. 


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