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Cultivando is a grassroots, community-driven organization that relies on the involvement of diverse community members to create impactful change and to thrive. We believe in supporting the advocacy and leadership of first-generation, Latino immigrants by equipping them with the skills to advocate for systemic equity and positive change. Cultivando works year-round to extend dignity, respect, opportunity, and a voice to people who are often ignored and excluded. The relationships that we have formed, enable our community to openly share their needs and ideas for creating healthier, more inclusive, and just environments for themselves and their children.

Our work is rooted in community and cultural strength and led by a powerful team of Latinx leaders who continue to respond to the ever-changing needs of our community. These have been challenging times for our community, but our efforts have led us to finding new ways to engage, advocate, be present.


We believe that there is no other place you could support that would have as great an impact on our community than Cultivando. Every contribution, no matter the amount, will have a significant impact in cultivating emerging leaders and supporting the emotional health and wellness of our community.  


On behalf of our staff and board members, we thank you in advance for your contribution.


In CommUnity,



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