What We Do

Cultivando is a leadership, advocacy, and capacity building organization that works in collaboration with community leaders and partners. Our work includes culturally-relevant trainings, building collaboration and advocacy around equity, inclusion, HEAL and other self- identified community issues, with a focus on building the capacity and supporting the voice of community leaders to impact sustainable change.


All of the trainings that we offer are in Spanish and were developed by and for the Latino community, honoring the inherent strength and knowlege that exists within the community and the importance of language and culture in building collective power and moving advocacy forward.

Promotora Training

Cultivando built a leadership curriculum in 2016 and 2017 to train and support Spanish-speaking emerging community leaders in cultivating their internal leadership, emotional health and self-care, collaboration, and understanding local systems in order to make positive change for their community. 

We are also proud to partner with Visión y Compromiso, one of the most respected Promtora training and advocacy organizations in the US, to offer their trainings and to support a collaborative Promotora Model here in Colorado. 

Cultivarte Gardening Training

A six-week organic gardening class that builds the skills of local Latino gardeners to support home, school, and community gardens and a healthy local food system.

Healthy Kids at Home Training

A 3-hour training developed by Cultivando to support parents and at-home childcare providers to build skills around healthy eating, physical activity, early literacy, bilingualism, and kindergarten readiness in order to foster health and educational equity.

Abriendo Puertas Training

In April 2016, with support from TCHF, we trained 20 local leaders (including Cultivando staff) to be able to offer this 10-week, evidence-based training for Latino parents. AP uses a two-generation approach to build parent leadership skills and knowledge to increase family health and educational outcomes. The curriculum was developed in California by and for Latino parents and early childhood education experts using a Popular Education approach, and reinforces cultural and linguistic pride and strength.


Our programs are rooted in the belief that the best community nonprofit work is led by those impacted by the issues, and that the best programs and policies are developed with community members at the table and meaningfully engaged. We work collaboratively to build health equity and community capacity for positive policy and systems change. 

Collective Advocacy

We work with engaged community members across South Adams County to identify issues and collaborate on advocacy together. From increasing access to HEAL opportunities, to affordable housing and transit, to other issues of equity and building community voice, we believe the term collective advocacy better describes our form of what other organizations call community organizing. We work to train and support impacted community members to sit at tables where decisions are made, and we work with local jurisdictions and elected officials to better welcome and include community members in policy development and civic engagement, knowing that the best local policies are created collaboratively with community.  

HEAL Commerce City

Funded by and in partnership with the City of Commerce City, Cultivando staff and other partners collaborate to increase healthy eating and recreation opportunies. Building on great progress made through 9 years of LiveWell Colorado Funding, this collaboration looks at policy, built environment, food systems and recreation opportunities to increase health in Commerce City, CO.

Technical Assistance for Partners

Cultivando staff are dedicated to supporting partners to advance their organizational equity, inclusivity, or skills around effective and authentic community engagement. We also help other organizations to understand and effectively implement the Promotora Model. Please contact us to discuss contracting with us to help deepen your community work!

Cultivando Conference

In October of 2018 we will be hosting our 5th annual conference "Cultivando Acción" (Cultivating Action). The conference is an opportunity to bring together community members and agency partners to learn and strategize together around ways to build healthy, inclusive, and just communities. The focus of this years conference will be understanding and fostering equity--- health equity, educational equty, and racial equity specifically. RFPs for presenters will be out in August, and registration will open in September. Sponsors and planning partners are always welcomed and deeply appreciated!