About Us


Who is Cultivando?

Cultivando is an organization that serves the Latino community in Adams County and focuses on community leadership to advance health equity through advocacy, collaboration, and policy change.

Our work is based on our organizational values of community-led work, social justice, and collaborative leadership. We firmly believe that all people have the power to maintain fair and equitable systems and to ensure opportunities for their communities to thrive.

What does Cultivando do?


Cultivando provides culturally relevant training to build equity, inclusion, healing and self-identified community problems with a focus on capacity building and voice support for community leaders to create sustainable change.


This helps us identify problems in the community and advocate collectively. We train and support the most impacted community members to have a place at the table where decisions are made. We work with local jurisdictions and elected officials by opening a space and welcoming and including community members in policy development and civic participation. 


Cultivating and other partners work to increase opportunities for access to healthy food, affordable housing and recreational opportunities. This collaboration analyzes policies, the built environment and reforces the relationship of trust to increase health equity.

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

 Cultivando Team


Learn more about the strong, sassy, and deeply committed women who drive Cultivando's work. To be clear, we'd be happy to include a man on our staff, we just haven't found one that can keep up with us.

Edgar Solis

Chief Communications Director

Edgar is an innovative and adaptable first generation Mexican American professional that specializes in marketing and community relations.

Rocio Franco

Associate Director

Rocio lead Cultivando’s outreach efforts which resulted in collaborations with various organizations and city government.

Reyna Soria


Reyna has worked as a volunteer for 15 years in different schools and non-profit organizations in Commerce City.

Aracely Navarro

Director of Environmental Justice Programs| Directora de Programas de Justicia Ambiental

“Aracely Navarro is a first-generation Chicana, daughter of Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants. Aracely believes deeply that there is great healing and decolonization needed for the land and the people.

Denise Romero

Operations Manager

Denise joined Cultivando’s team in October 2018 after attending the University of Northern Colorado where I studied Sociology while focusing on underrepresented minority students.

Maria Zubiate


Maria has been working over 20 years in the community in different areas, such as, health, job fairs and family well-being.

Olga Gonzalez


Olga earned several awards for her work in the areas of health equity and social justice, including the Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Health Equity from the Public Health in the Rockies Conference.

Guadalupe Villalobos


Gualdalupe's passions is to work with community members to promote leadership, unify their voices and together advocate for equitable and inclusive changes in the systems.

Board Of Directors

Eric Muñoz


Educator, 27J Schools District

Neha Mahajan


Director at Transformative Leadership for Change

Mario Martinez


Program Director, "I Have A Dream" Foundation​

Jocelyn Jenks


Lawyer, Colorado Legal Services

Carlos Villar


Construction Manager, Saunders Construction​

Kaylee Ortega


MPH Student, UC Denver

Carmen Atilano 


Retired Community Leader


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