Who We Are

Cultivando is a leadership, advocacy and capacity building organization that works in collaboration with community leaders and partners. Our work is built on a foundation of our organizational values of community-led work, social justice, and collaborative leadership. 


Cultivating community leadership to advance health equity through advocacy, collaboration, and policy change.


All people hold the power to sustain just and equitable systems and ensure opportunities for their communities to thrive.

The Cultivando Team

Learn more about the strong, sassy, and deeply committed women who drive Cultivando's work. To be clear, we'd be happy to include a man on our staff, we just haven't found one that can keep up with us.

Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors and learn more about opportunities to join the Board and support our work. We are looking for kind and collaborative board members who are committed to health equity and building community leadership. And/or fundraising.