MISSION: Cultivating community leadership to advance health equity through advocacy, collaboration, and policy change.

VISION: All people hold the power to sustain just and equitable systems and ensure opportunities for their communities to thrive. 

Our work is rooted in the Promotora Model. Promotoras are highly-skilled community leaders characterized by servicio de corazón ("service from the heart").


The Promotora Model has been shown nationally to meaningfully increase access to services for the Latino community and to effectively reduce health disparities.

Cultivando's work is led by a team of strong and passionate women, the majority of whom are Latina and live within the communities where we work.

We believe the best community work is led by those impacted, and that value is reflected in our staff and programs. 

Join us for breakfast, July 18th, 2018!

We will be hosting a delicious breakfast of fresh tamales and fruit to share about our work and impact in our communities! Please come learn more and support our work! https://cultivando.networkforgood.com/events/4740-cultivando-comunidad-breakfast


"You are bringing in the community and they are making the change that is needed, which is a model that I love." 

Isabel Sanchez

Program Director, The Growhaus