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Guadalupe Villalobos


Professional Experience: My professional experience began as a volunteer in the schools of my five children since we arrived from Mexico 15 years ago. It was where my community leadership and passion for the power of education began. I attended many parent meetings during this time and was a member of the PTO. Take training, English classes, and computer classes. I have learned from our own barriers which we face, due to the gaps that exist in the systems, such as education, health, immigration, and others.

Why did I choose to work at Cultivando: It is because of these experiences that are also those of other parents like me, that I chose to work at Cultivando. I like to share with parents in our programs and that we learn from each other to navigate these systems, and that they can help their children to be successful in their education and improve their quality of life.

Hidden Talent: I discovered my talent to use my voice and elevate that of my community, being a bridge of information between the community and the different departments. I have learned to advocate for my rights, those of my children and my community, this has given me a great sense of belonging in this country.

What I like to do when I am not working: I enjoy my time, going out with my family, and getting to know new places.

Guadalupe Villalobos
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