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Colorado Latinx Non-Profit

Building Bridges for Meaningful Community Engagement

In the heart of our efforts to foster inclusivity and equity lies Cultivando, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging gaps and creating meaningful connections within the Latinx community. Through our comprehensive services and collaborations, we empower agencies and organizations to engage with the Latinx community in more meaningful, equitable, and impactful ways.

Services and Collaborations Offered:

  • Training and Technical Assistance:

    • Identify potential barriers to Latinx participation

    • Make recommendations for increasing Latinx engagement

    • Enhance accessibility and relevance of organizations

  • Community Outreach:

    • Specialized outreach to Spanish-speaking Latinx individuals

    • Break down language barriers for genuine communication

  • Focus Groups and Surveys:

    • Facilitate focus groups to gather insights

    • Administer surveys to inform decision-making processes

  • Racial Justice and Healing Workshops:

    • Cover topics like bias, systemic racism, and self-care

    • Provide safe spaces for learning, reflection, and dialogue

Contact us to discuss rates and explore collaboration opportunities towards creating positive change in our communities. Together, let's build bridges of understanding, compassion, and solidarity with Cultivando as your partner.

Phone: 303-288-4783

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