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Commerce City Breathes Easy: Cultivando Fights Refinery Pollution for a Healthier Future

Commerce City, Colorado, knows the struggle for clean air all too well. The towering presence of the Suncor refinery promises jobs and economic growth, but casts a long shadow of environmental injustice over nearby communities. Residents have endured decades of air and water pollution, raising serious concerns about their health and the long-term effects on their families.

A Legacy of Pollution

The Industrial Revolution ushered in an era of progress, but at a steep price. Air and water pollution skyrocketed as factories and refineries belched toxins into the environment. Low-income communities and communities of color, often lacking resources and political clout, became the unfortunate sacrifice zones for industrial development.

Commerce City reflects this larger issue.

The Suncor refinery's history is marred by environmental violations, exceeding emission limits, and exposing residents to harmful pollutants like benzene and volatile organic compounds. These pollutants have been linked to respiratory problems, cancer, and other chronic health conditions.

Cultivando: A Beacon of Hope

Here's where Cultivando, a dedicated non-profit organization, enters the fight. They stand as a beacon of hope in a polluted landscape. Cultivando empowers residents to understand the refinery's impact and take action for a better future.

Just three days ago, Cultivando conducted another round of educational tours. They don't shy away from the reality of the "stinky patches" near the refinery. Instead, they use these areas as stark reminders of the environmental crisis unfolding around them. Their message is clear: cheap gasoline comes at a human cost – the health of the community.


A Fight for a Greener Future

Cultivando's fight for environmental justice extends beyond Commerce City. They are leading a powerful movement challenging the narrative of big oil companies. They expose the true costs of fossil fuels and demand a future where environmental protection goes hand in hand with economic prosperity.

The fight for clean air and a healthy environment is a fight for all. Commerce City's story serves as a stark reminder of unchecked pollution's consequences. However, it also highlights the power of community action. Cultivando is leading the way, and their message is a call to action for all of us: stand up for your health, your community, and a greener future.

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