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Colorado Latinx Non-Profit

Empowering Emotional Wellness Through Healthy Children in the Home

Finding the right emotional support can be a challenge for anyone. But for members of the Latino community who face language barriers, access to mental health care can seem even more daunting. The lack of Spanish-language resources and the discomfort of communicating with a professional who doesn't understand your culture can prevent people from seeking the help they need.

At Cultivando, we believe everyone deserves access to quality emotional care. That's why we offer completely Spanish-language workshops, alongside our program Niños Saludables en el Hogar (Healthy Children at Home). This program aligns with our commitment to advocating for emotional wellness and building healthier communities within the Latino community especially when it comes to raising the next generation.

Weekly Workshops in Spanish:

We're excited to offer a variety of workshops covering different topics to support the emotional well-being of the entire family. Some of the past themes include:

  • Children, Media, and Technology

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

  • Count on Me: Strengthen your math skills to help your children at home. This workshop provides practical tools to support your children's learning in a fun and effective way.


Niños Saludables en el Hogar offers sessions that focus on parenting skills, such as self-care practices to help you best care for your children.

Register Today:

Don't miss out on these valuable workshops! Registration is free and open to the entire community. To register, visit our website:

Together, let's break down language barriers and build emotionally strong communities. We look forward to seeing you at our workshops!

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